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Nanjing Bluewhale Consulting Co., LTD


Nanjing Bluewhale Consulting Co., LTD (NBC) is one of “AAA”consulting organizations in Jiangsu province. NBC has been following the tenet “Create Core Competitiveness for Customers, Build Competition Advantage for Customers” since established in 1998. NBC provides high-quality service for dozens of firms every year, focusing on “exploiting market, developing new products, searching new method, launching new item, envisaging menace, and meeting opportunity”. In addition, she supplies government sections with regional development strategy consulting. NBC has been a professional consulting company in the New Economic Age!

NBC works on solid data and precise logical reasoning. Her primary consulting field concludes: business strategic management, corporate governance management, organizational structure management, human resource management, operation management, marketing management, organizational culture management, finance management. NBC is constantly exploring new cooperation opportunity.

NBC has a team of consultants, which are experienced, innovative and vigorous. They have systemic high-level managerial knowledge and advance expertise.

NBC’s customers include all kinds of companies, corporation groups, listed companies and the small & medium enterprises; state-owned companies and collectivity-owned enterprise, private firms and foreign-owned enterprises; manufacturing and commerce enterprise, real estate and entertainment enterprises. Besides, NBC is employed as senior administration consultant by local governments. NBC was given four awards in 2000, including Science Progress Prize in Jiangsu Province.
NBC have nurtured unique sense of value and work-principle. NBC have built the cooperative fellowship with notable consulting companies at home and abroad. Many famous experts and professors in economic, management and technology engineering develop academic exchange with NBC continuously.

NBC endeavors to build customers’ competitive, making organization more capable, manufacture more quick, products nicer, cost lower, capability stronger, flow more fluent, delivery more timely, quality more credible, inspiration more flexible and team more innovative through her five “one” promises of service.

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